Keynote Speaker and Digital Health Evangelist


John consistently brings audiences to their feet!  His engaging style and authoritative content helps individuals appreciate the powerful convergence of health, technology and consumer empowerment.  But beyond simply understand, John helps translate the alphabet soup of EKGs and CPUs into practical knowledge that you can put into practice today—from personal longevity strategies to powerful marketing tactics.

Less a speech and more a personal one-on-one TED talk, John instills a sense of excitement and enthusiasm in his audiences that moves hearts and minds. We’re at an inflection point in human history and we need to fasten our seat belts.  It’s going to be a great trip and John Nosta can help set us all on course for life extension, life expansion and one heck of a ride!


The Digital Health Revolution.  How technology will extent and expand our lives.

From Control to Collaboration. The shifting roles the physician, patient, caregiver in today’s complex healthcare enviornment.

Genius Is Our Birthright and Mediocrity is Self-imposed.  A unique and innovative perspective on genius and how we all have our “genius moments” just fail to recognize them.

Popular Venues

  • Keynote addresses
  • Sales meetings
  • Corporate workshops
  • Fireside chats and interviews
  • Moderation and discussion


Digital Health–
An inflection point in human history

Digital Health Live

Medicine and marketing in
the era of digital health

Singularity University

How digital health will
revolutionize healthcare

Almedalin Week, Sweden

Genius is our birthright
and mediocrity is self-imposed